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AMPLIFY (verb) // to increase the volume of sound or to add detail to a story or statement.//

AMPLIFY is stage two in our development process. It takes British writers of musical theatre curated for SIGNAL and gives them money to write for extended periods of time.

Following the founding of SIGNAL, we undertook a huge number of meetings and discussions with musical theatre artists to find out what they wanted, needed, were frustrated by and felt was lacking. What kept them engaged and creative, confident and powerful. We asked them what they hoped the musical theatre development scene might look like in the years to come.

The common themes of these meetings were that writers needed:

  • Time, space and money

  • Confidence and belief

  • Greater understanding of the form by venues, critics and audiences

  • A more transparent and artist-led model of developing musicals that valued career musical theatre artists

From these conversations came a realisation that we needed to create a way of making more opportunities for writers to develop and thus we created AMPLIFY

raises funding and support to allow writers to continue to develop their voice, creativity and careers. By providing writing weeks, residencies and commissions, we will allow the most skilled artists working in this form to create the work that most inspires and impassions them without the need to conform to traditional models. We will combine the financial backing we raise with in kind support from rehearsal spaces, theatres and offices to provide full writing resources so that new work can be made.

Looking to America in particular, we see clear evidence that the best new musicals are made by career artists writing work that they care about deeply. Britain has shown itself to be excellent at incubating the careers of playwrights but we believe a culture shift is necessary to enable a parallel development of those writing musicals. Rather than just thinking about musicals, project by project, we look to engage in a conversation about writers’ voices and skill-sets.

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