£250.00 contribution to the AMPLIFY fund

250 Pounds.jpg
250 Pounds.jpg

£250.00 contribution to the AMPLIFY fund


We will thank you for this donation with:

  • The addition of your name to our lists of supporters on our website.

  • A deluxe monthly dropbox for the next year containing special new musical theatre treats like demos, videos, interviews and articles.

  • Invitations to readings and events.

  • A limited edition t-shirt and canvas bag showing your support for the cause

  • An invite to lunch or dinner with a group of new musical theatre artists.

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Terms and conditions 

The money paid to the AMPLIFY fund is a donation and doesn’t constitute any interest in either the company or the work produced by the funded writers. The intellectual property of all writing belongs to the artists making the work and donation is not an indication of partnership

The money donated will applied at the company’s discretion in accordance with the goal of giving writers money to fund the activity of writing.