Hi there,

We are writing to ask for help from those working in creative teams at the highest levels of musical theatre in the UK.

Do you remember the first musical you worked on?

All the musicals we now enjoy were new once, and they needed teams of passionate people like you to make them successes. 

But the landscape of new musical theatre in the UK is suffering badly from a lack of resources. We’re sure you’re aware that many of the musicals currently in the West End are long-running shows, and many others are successful imports from overseas. We’re also sure you’ll agree that for the artform to continue to grow, new musicals and the next generation of writers and artists making them need support and encouragement to develop.

Playwrights and new writing have support in place to help develop new voices and to enable careers but musical theatre seems to lack the levels of development to fully support the best artists who are most devoted to the form. We have spent the past two years building a map of the new musical theatre landscape and getting to know the British writers making the best new work. But they need your help.

As someone who has been talented and fortunate enough to succeed at a high level in British musical theatre, we are asking if you would consider donating Just One Week of your weekly royalties to those who are writing the shows of the future. This small financial percentage could radically change the shape of new musical theatre in this country.

We are Adam Lenson Productions - we care so passionately about Musical Theatre, that we founded a company in 2017 with the purpose of creating artist-driven new British musicals made by writers who have devoted their careers to the form.

We have launched the AMPLIFY fund - a non profit fund that gives time, space and money to writers. It is the only fund of its kind in the UK and aims to provide tangible resources and confidence to a sector that is sorely lacking in both.

The AMPLIFY fund will be administered fairly by a team of industry experts and our benefactors will get insights and information about the artists and shows they have enabled.

Your donation of Just One Week of royalties, whatever that might be for you, will help give those writers invaluable time and space to write and to find outcomes for that writing.

If you would like to donate then you can do so here or by getting in touch with us at adam@adamlensonproductions.com

Thank you

Adam Lenson and all at ALP