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SIGNAL (verb) // to convey information or instructions by means of a gesture, action, or sound//

Founded in 2017, SIGNAL is a quarterly concert series, run in association with h Club London in Covent Garden. It gives writers the opportunity to present new material in a safe but special environment. The evening is backed by a four piece house band and every performance is recorded and archived for future viewing.

As well as a concert, SIGNAL also functions as a musical theatre literary and development department. The writers selected to take part are picked because of their recognised skill and commitment for the medium and because of previous demonstration of making high quality and original new work.

Once asked to take part, the writers are given the chance to present 5-10 minutes of original material. The suggestion is that they use this opportunity to write material based on three key guidelines:

1) That it is being worked on at the present moment and the paint is still wet creatively.

2) That this is artist-driven work for which the writers have not been given permission or suggestion to write by someone else. It should be creatively stimulating and unique to them.

3) We are particularly interested in work that is formally audacious, highly creative and feels able to utilise musical genres and sound worlds not typically found in theatre.

We have now presented five SIGNAL events where we have showcased over 70 world premieres by over 60 musical theatre artists.